Inktober 2020 is almost here!

Inktober is almost here!

Last year I tried my first #Inktober challenge where you create an ink-related drawing or doodle every day during the month of October. Many people I follow online like Furry Little Peach make lists of prompts for each day so you just have to make the doodle, but I enjoyed coming up with a theme of my own. I really wanted to watercolor seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs and loved sharing my process with people even more. It was difficult to sit down each day and feel creative, but I loved the sentiment of taking time to finish a mini project like this.

This year, I'm bringing a whole other level of challenge to Inktober by not only sharing my doodles & watercolor on Instagram, but I'll also be cooking & sharing one recipe per week from my list. So you can either cook or paint along with me!

This year's theme is: my favorite nostalgic foods

If you're native of the Bay like me, or lived in LA, you'll recognize some items on this list. But there are definitely a few items that are personal to me and my childhood or household that bring me comfort like no other foods do. I chose this theme because this year has been a crazy exercise in figuring out what's important to me, and no question food is one of those things. But even more so, I've found that turning to comforting foods that bring me nostalgia have the amazing ability to transport me and make me feel like everthing is gonna be ok.

Follow along on Instagram stories every day next month for videos and photos of my watercolors. And check out my site for recipes each week!

Inktober 2020 List:

  • 10/1 Calabacitas taco from Guisado's
  • 10/2 Peaches on vanilla bean ice cream
  • 10/3 Mom’s rice and bacon
  • 10/4 Kake udon from Marugame
  • 10/5 Sesame bagel with tomato & red onion from Ess-a-Bagel
  • 10/6 Soba, salad, & miso soup from Yuki Sushi
  • 10/7 Carrot cake from Noe Valley Bakery
  • 10/8 Three cup mushroom from Pine & Crane
  • 10/9 Darkest chocolate ice cream from Jeni’s
  • 10/10 Grandma Sano’s chicken di van
  • 10/11 Trust Me from Sugarfish
  • 10/12 Japchae from HK Mart
  • 10/13 Donburi with eggplant & rock shrimp from Kiraku
  • 10/14 Aloo matar from Star of India
  • 10/15 Grandma's sweet egg & chow mein
  • 10/16 Blueberry earl grey donut from Fonuts
  • 10/17 Spicy miso vegan ramen from Chibiscus
  • 10/18 Mu shu pork from Blue Sky
  • 10/19 Chicken burrito from Jalisco's
  • 10/20 Grilled sea bass with noodles & cucumber salad from The House
  • 10/21 Inari sushi from Mitsuwa
  • 10/22 Grandma Barrie’s corn pudding
  • 10/23 Soon dobu from Gang Nam Tofu
  • 10/24 Banana milkshake & falafel pita from Falafel’s Drive-In
  • 10/25 Dad’s three bean chili
  • 10/26 Sizzling rice soup from Taiwan
  • 10/27 Green curry from Buddha Thai
  • 10/28 Mom's tortellini soup
  • 10/29 Spicy eggplant & string beans from Shan Dong
  • 10/30 Dad & Meg's tuna casserole
  • 10/31 Celebration guava cake from Aki's