Fluffy Buckwheat Banana Pancakes

This morning, with a day off work I laid there in bed dreaming about an epic breakfast. Bread Boy suggested eggs, potatoes, and toast (I mean, to be expected from him), and I said that an 'epic breakfast' to me always involves pancakes. Bread Boy suggested I use the leftover buckwheat groats we've had in our pantry for over a year in the batter, so I blitzed them up, added banana (of course) and made some of the best pancakes I think I've ever had in my own kitchen. Excited to share this fairly easy recipe for these epic fluffy buckwheat banana pancakes with you.

Fun backstory on the buckwheat flour I used: A year ago we visited Kachka in Portland and bought buckwheat groats at their little store. We cooked most of them into a delicious buckwheat-based salad a long time ago, but we've somehow had about 1/2 cup of leftover groats we've been toting around on our travels. When I mentioned pancakes Bread Boy got really excited about using them and turning them into a flour in our new Vitamix he gifted me for Christmas. It was so easy to blitz them up - I think I'm going to always have buckwheat groats in our pantry in the future.

Fluffy Buckwheat Banana Pancakes


1/2 cup buckwheat flour

1/2 cup all purpose flour

1 tbsp baking soda

1/2 tsp kosher salt

2 tbsp sugar

1 banana

1 egg

1 1/2 cups non-dairy milk (I used oat)

1 tsp almond extract


In a small bowl add all the dry ingredients and mix with a fork. In a large bowl whisk together wet ingredients and mash up the banana. Add the dry ingredients to the wet and stir till there are no dry bits, but be careful to not overmix.

Heat a wide non-stick pan on medium heat. Add a small nob of butter to the pan and swirl to evenly coat the surface. Pour batter in to make pancakes as wide as you'd like. I fit two in a pan. Once bubbles appear on the surface and the edges start to turn opaque give them a flip and cook another 30-60 seconds. Repeat until your batter is out, and be sure to keep pancakes stacked to keep them warm.

Serve on their own. Or top with almond butter, your favorite jam, another pat of butter, or coins of fresh banana. They honestly don't need syrup or honey with the banana and bit of sugar, but I won't tell if do :)