July 4th used to be one of my favorite holidays. I'd run around, ride my bike, go swimming, and exhaust myself to the point where I could eat a hot dog and a burger and Lays potato chips and cole slaw like I hadn't seen food in 364 days. Which was basically the truth since my parents rarely (read: never) had picnics or BBQs the rest of the year.

As a pescetarian, however, I haven't looked forward to celebrating the 4th as I my food-burning-8-year-old-self once did. Perhaps it's that the sweet smoky smell of the BBQ doesn't result in anything edible for me now.... until I realized sides are king!! In the last few years I've really honed in on perfecting my sides game. From herbed focaccia to summer slaw to miso chickpea salad I've developed a repertoire of dressings and stove-less or very little stove time recipes in my head that I can whip out when it's warm and you want something festive and fresh.

This week, I can't wait to whip out a summery salad with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, snap peas, or green beans and will let whatever is at the farmer's market be my guide. However, if you don't make it to the market in time for a quick and easy side to bring to a BBQ, here's one you can make that involves very little prep work but delivers a punch to the party.