I jumped on the bandwagon. Not sorry about it at all. Avocado used to freak me out when I was little. #1 it's mushy #2 it always tasted like soap to me. Nonetheless, I grew into an avocado loving stage and haven't looked back (except for after I went to Tanzania and ate avocado every day in my sandwiches and got a little sick of them - I bounced back quickly.)

I like to think I make a pretty good guac: a little lemon juice, dice some tomato, chop a little red onion, cayenne, s + p. I even used to make a mean turkey avocado bagel sandwich back in the days when I ate meat. But now, I hear there's a whole new thing going on with avocado. They call it avocado toast. Tons of trendy hipster brunch places are adding all kinds of toast to their menus, and people are into it. They're charging an arm and a leg for a toast and shmear, or toast and nuts or toast with honey (it does sounds pretty good). Avocado toast seems to be the most popular. But I've gotta tell you a secret: you can make this "fancy" toast at home. 

Here's a little breakfast I made the other day. All you need:

  • Bread
  • Avocado
  • Salt (I used chili salt)
  • Pepper

If you want to add a little flair to your toast, consider adding some of your favorite food combos using ingredients you're familiar with. For me, I felt like having hard boiled egg for some hearty protein and healthy fat in the morning. I also added some fresh campari tomatoes for a nice acidic bite.

No matter what kind of toast you want to make, avocado is always a nice healthy, creamy spread to use instead of mayo to make your food taste great!