In 2018, I started to realize that I'm officially in the second half of my 20's. Spooky. I also started to realize that there were a number of things that I kept saying I wanted to try one day or learn to do one day. That one day never really happened. I've been saying for years "I wish I could be eating off my own plate right now," so rather than pushing things off any longer, I chose to start with ceramics and sign up for a 6-week ceramics class. I was finally going to learn to make my own stoneware!

I knew I'd emerge from the class with a few things (I'd hoped) that were usable in the kitchen that would add a homemade touch and personality our (mostly IKEA) serving dishes and bowls. But I didn't expect the added pleasure of taking the time to de-stress from work, use my hands in a different way, and see something that I've been wanting to make happen actually happen. It was a huge eye opener for me that the 'one day' I'd always pushed off into the distant future, can and should and could actually happen now.

So a few weeks back, I started on a mini adventure I'm calling "A new thing every week" where I push myself to learn, cook, and read a new thing every week! The thought here is: I want to be even more confident in the kitchen and practice what I preach. That means that I need to push myself to make something I've always wanted to try, attempt recipes I've never heard of before, and even re-make recipes I've shamed (OK, in reality I failed them) in the past.

Why am I sharing my somewhat mundane list with you? Well, for starters, it's because I'm feeling inspired in the New Year to get organized and stick to a plan so I can actually accomplish my goals. I'm also sharing in the hopes that some of the things I learn and make inspire you to hop in the kitchen and try recipes that have intimidated you in the past, that you've always wanted to try, or that you really want to perfect.

I've already started and made notes on new recipes and plan to post some of them here in the future.
If you have any dishes that you'd suggest I try throughout the year, I'd LOVE recommendations! Send em my way (comment, use the contact form, or email me directly!)

In other good news, if you haven't already noticed, I gave this blog a bit of an update last fall and tailored it all to Seasoned Cook. So if you want a little support getting in the kitchen and are into the idea of taking a cooking workshop hosted by me, in my house, in Berkeley, with new friends, you're in luck! Check out my upcoming workshops and email me if you're interested in signing up. January's Dumpling Party is already booked, but February we'll be making an Indian Feast and March a good rustic focaccia and hearty soup from scratch. Hope to see you in the kitchen (yours or mine) soon!

P.S. Tag any posts of food you make #loveyourkitchen and I'd love to see what you make!