Let's cook seasonal,
approachable, comforting food.

From gyoza to bibimbap to banh mi to ramen, these virtual workshops will make you want to cook in your kitchen. A successful workshop means happy bellies, new friends, and helpful techniques to recreate the meal again and again.

What to expect:

All workshops are currently virtual so we can stay socially distant but together in our kitchens :)

  • Each attendee will receive a detailed grocery list to shop and plan ahead.
  • Live guided 1.5+ hour workshop with ample opportunity to ask questions along the way.
  • Quality time to enjoy our home cooked meal together.
  • A digital recipe booklet with all ingredients, measurements, and steps to recreate each dish on your own.

Upcoming Workshops

Korean Bibimbap

Spring Banh Mi

Past Workshops

Soup for the Soul + Focaccia

Bagel Brunch Party

Fall Harvest Mezze

Tamales From Scratch

Dumpling Party

Soup for the Soul + Focaccia

Bagel Brunch Party

Everyday Tacos [Virtual]

Korean Bibimbap [Virtual]

Dumpling Workshop [Virtual]

Homemade Banh Mi [Virtual]

Korean Bibimbap & Banchan [Virtual]

Staying in for Indian [Virtual]

Summer Weeknight Dinner: Banh Mi

Summer Weeknight Dinner: Shakshuka

Summer Weeknight Dinner: Roasted Corn & Snap Pea Salad with Miso Carrot Dressing

Korean Bibimbap & Banchan

Korean Bibimbap & Banchan

Seasonal Vegetable Tempura


Vegetable Lasagna

Winter Gyoza

Valentine's Day Ramen