Hi! I'm Megan and I sure do love to cook. I moved to Los Angeles and then Berkeley after graduating from CU Boulder with a degree in anthropology and was fortunate enough to study abroad in two amazing countries along the way: Tanzania and Nepal. It's on these journeys that my love of people, community, food, and exploration really took off and inspired me to seek out the adventures and relationships around me.

My relationship with food really stuck. I fell in love with cooking, but soon realized not everyone shares that passion. "I don't have enough time." "I don't know where to start." I heard these perfectly legit excuses over time, but realized I wanted to do something about getting people in the kitchen to not only learn to cook, but continue sharing recipes and traditions that families and friends pass on. I started Seasoned Cook in 2018 as a way to inspire you to #loveyourkitchen and am hoping that my love of cooking rubs off (at least a little) on your desire to make darn good food.