Farmer's Market Feast

When you've got juicy peaches, sweet corn, golden grape tomatoes, crunchy peppers, globe eggplant, and a whole bundle of shiitakes busting out of your tote fresh from the farmer's market, you've got the makings of a feast!!

Last weekend Teddy and I threw together a farmer's market feast to raise money for our summer fellowship organization, YCore. Through YCore we've been supporting the non-profit Kitchen Table Advisors, to streamline operations toward their mission of empowering small organic farmers in growing viable businesses. We eventually came up with a plan to help KTA structure their volunteer program to fully utilize volunteers' skills and expertise. 

With a focus on buying and supporting local farms, we thought: What better way to bring our friends and peers together to support our cause than to prepare a meal that showcases the incredible produce that farmers grow around us?

We got a bundle of late summer fruits and veggies at the Civic Center Farmer's Market from as many farms as we could. We went crazy cooking up fresh vegetarian dishes highlighting the from local growers including Schletewitz Farms, Avila Farms, and Vang Family Farm. Teddy mastered the bright textured dishes like Golden Salad with yellow tomatoes, sweet peppers, and corn, and Brussel Sprout Salad with toasted walnuts, dried cranberries, and mustard vinaigrette.  I whipped up Funghi Banh Mi and Roasted Red Pepper sandwiches and a Summer Peach Torte. For a full menu rundown, you can see it here!

When we began our fellowship four months ago, I expected to learn about the farming industry and the challenges of operating a non-profit. But I never anticipated how much it would inspire me to dig deeper into the food industry or how close I'd become with new friends like Teddy, Kingston, Annette, and Kevin (our team below with KTA Program Director, Paige). So happy to have grown close to my team, to KTA, and that we were able to inspire our friends through our Farmer's Market Feast!

A few parting thoughts:
  • If you're thinking of doing more outside of work or school, I say DO IT! It makes you really appreciate the time you have and learn so much about a world you've been curious about.
  • If you're looking for a way to bring friends together behind something you care about, make it happen! Don't be afraid to host an gathering, meal, or talk to share what you love.
  • If you have fresh fruit and don't know what to do with it, seriously make this torte my friend Kate recommended to me. I've been mildly obsessed with it this summer, and already passed the inspiration onto friends like Emma and Susan.