Bittersweet: Leaving L.A.

I've been neglectful of my blog. Oopsie. I did miss it, and I was still cooking and adventuring. But somehow I let this guy go. Why? Well...

One, the weather was really warm in LA for a while, so we were staying out of the kitchen and making things that didn't require the stove or oven as much. I felt a little less inspired to take pictures and write recipes for your standard salad and pasta.

Two, I was busy on the job hunt, interviewing and applying to places and not making time with my camera and my food. Oopsie!

Three, sometimes I wondered if having this blog is for my own sake, just to write these recipes and adventures down - a methodical therapy of sorts - or if I write it for my friends, family, and fellow cooks. I tell myself no one reads it, but truth is, even if it's just one person, one friend that gets into the kitchen because of me, it makes me so happy!!

So what's different now? So much! To start, I'm no longer in LA (sobs). Back in November, I packed up my clothes, moved out of our cozy apartment in Hollywood, stuffed Judy Kimchee (my trusty Hyundai) with my essentials, and road tripped with my mom up to San Jose. I started a new job in SF and entered the world of crazy commuting on Caltrain.

There were some tearful goodbyes to my Noun Project family, my real family, and the friends that I've made over the last year and a half living in the City of Angels.

It seems ironic that the time I chose to leave is when I realized I'd really come to love LA. Yes, I said it, I love LA. I remember my first week in LA: sitting in 40 minutes of traffic to get 6 miles to work, learning the hard way that you have to run a red light to make it through a left-hand turn.

But when I started getting to know the city, finding the hidden gems, and opening my eyes to new opportunities, I really grew to have such a deep love and appreciation for my new home. I've compiled a limited list of some of my favorites, the things I'll miss, and odd things that made LA so unique:

Things I miss:
+ the friendly, independent, risk-taking talented people that fill the city with life
+ the silhouette of the maple trees outside our bathroom window
+ working in a creative studio environment at Noun Project
+ seeing friends & family
+ our weekly stroll from our home to the farmer's market

Favorite food finds in LA:
+ Sushi: Murakami Sushi, Sugarfish, Komasa Sushi, Sushi Gen
+ Indian: Star of India, Anarkali
+ Latin American: Guisados, Un Solo Sol, Gracias Madre
+ Asian: Chibiscus (ramen), East Borough (Vietnamese), Bulan Thai (vegan thai), Sweetfin (poke)
+ Sweets: Jeni's, Salt & Straw, Coolhaus, Fonuts
+ Bar: Sassafras

Sweetfin Poke
Murakami Sushi
Spicy Vegan Ramen at Chibiscus
Bread Pudding at Chibiscus
Sushi Komasa, Little Tokyo
Feastin' at Star of India
+ Huntington Gardens
+ Barnsdall Art Park
+ Griffith Park
+ Rooftop of the Ace Hotel
+ The Getty
+ Annenberg Space for Photography

Ace Hotel Rooftop
Huntington Gardens 
Two goons, Huntington Gardens
The Getty
The Getty
The Getty Cacti Garden
Annenberg Space for Photography (and my feet)
Things to do:
+ See improv at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater
+ Explore downtown at The Last Bookstore, Grand Central Market, and relax atop Bunker Hill
+ Grab tamales at the Larchmont Farmer's Market
+ Take a drive along Sunset Blvd at night
+ Have a drink and play darts at Arts District Brewing Co. or watch live music and dance at Sassafras
+ Bring a picnic to Barnsdall Art Park
+ Find the hidden Hollywood Stairs

Green chile tamales at Larchmont Farmer's Market
4th of July at Barnsdall
Picnic at Barnsdall Art Park
Places to shop:
+ Tortoise General Store
+ Picket Fences
+ Poketo

+ Hollywood Sign
+ Silverlake Reservoir
+ Ballona Creek Path
+ Culver City Steps
+ Mt. Lowe

Hollywood Sign
Mt. Lowe Summit
Culver City Steps
Culver City Steps w/Geremy + Emma

I miss LA and the strange beauty it has to offer. I think we made the most of the hikes, the food, the events, and the truly unique spaces. If you're there, visit some of my favorite places and say hey for me! While it's sad to leave, it's sweet to have a new place to call home. As we're settling into Berkeley, I can already tell we're about to embark on so many more adventures. 


  1. So happy to read your blog post and connect on Instagram. Keep on sparking sheer joy, M!

  2. So happy to read your blog post and connect on Instagram. Keep on sparking sheer joy, M!


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