New Yolk: Part 2

It's been a while. Things have been a bit crazy (more updates on life changes soon). But great news- I finished our New York video!!! Take a look here at all the cool, silly, fun, and New York-y things we saw and did in the city. Yes, that includes watching birds and squirrels and horses too.

New York truly is such an amazing city. While we didn't get to see a show on Broadway or take a trip to the top of the Empire State building or hop on a ferry to Ellis Island or the Statue of Liberty, the landmarks that we did see were beautiful and epic in their own ways. We wanted to see the sights, but not in the touristy way that everyone else sees them. Or at least we tried not to. 

I was struck most by the things that I saw when I looked up, down, and to the side. It's so easy to just look forward, watch where you're going, and take a straight path down the sidewalk. But actually being conscious as you walk through the city, you get an inside look at some things that just make you smile. I passed cooks sitting on service stairs slurping a heaping plate of noodles, painters painting advertisements on the side of buildings, kids biking through sprinklers at the park, babies sitting in window wells and staring at passers-by. I also tried to capture the beautiful bits of some landmarks, like the inside of a bridge in Central Park, the ceiling at Grand Central, people walking through Dumbo near the Brooklyn Bridge. All these little moments and the bright contrasting characters of the city are what make New York such a beautiful place.   

I wanted to end the post with the first few pictures I took on our first day in New York. The first is waking up on our red eye and watching the sun rise above the clouds. The next is when we walked into our airbnb in Brooklyn. It was small, but bright and cozy and the perfect place for us to stay for our first nights in the city. The last is after we went to a Yankees game, came back and slept off our jet lag, and decided to get up and go catch the sunset before grabbing dinner. We walked out of our place, down Joralemon St, and out to the pier and I couldn't help but run past the BBQs and the kids playing soccer and ignore the pang of hunger in my belly. We just stood and stared across the Hudson excitedly pointing out landmarks in our horizon. That was such a special moment, one I'll never forget. 


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