New Yolk: Part 1

We're BAAAAACK! Successfully traveled 2,773 miles on my first trip to New York City. The ole Big Apple did not disappoint. Though no one called it that... I've got too many photos and stories to share, and I want to make a video recapping New York vibes. I've been feeling bad that I haven't given this little blog any attention lately, so I thought I'd share a few highlights:

+ The subway - it's dirty and hot and busy and wonderful! Never before have I been on such a disorienting mode of transport. I'm in love with how you submerge yourself down a staircase and hop on a moving crazy thing and emerge in a new neighborhood with an entirely different beat. It's great. And did I mention crazy? Also, we only got on the wrong train once - I'm pretty proud of that.


+ Bagels - they're heavenly, but dense. New York isn't messing around when they say they do bagels. We were waddling out of Tomkin's Square and Zabar's with bagel bricks in our bellies (say that three times fast!) I mean, ALL the food in New York was pretty tasty. We didn't go hungry, that's for sure.

+ My first ballpark peanuts -I don't like littering. Plain and simple. Though it's part of being at a baseball game, it burned my very inner core to drop peanut shells on the floor of the bleachers. But they were nice and salty, aaaaaand I felt like a rebel. Never again.

+ The skyline - it's odd how beautiful I found the silhouette of New York's buildings since I'm such a lover of the outdoors. But this was still a mesmerizing view. Almost humbling, like when you're standing at the base of a mountain. Plus, it was neat seeing the sun and evening lights reflect off the shiny surfaces of the buildings.

+ MoMA - this museum is pretty perfect. It's just the right size to get through without feeling overwhelmed (but maybe refuel for a snack) and has a beautiful courtyard to sit and thaw (the AC is blasting inside, so bring a sweater) when you need it. I couldn't believe all the famous art we saw all in one museum! I was a happy camper.

+ Central Park - Hate to make this list sound even more touristy than it already is, but it's true. Central Park is magical. Everyone is running or biking or roller blading or walking their pups or just having a snooze. It's so refreshing to step into the greenery and see the little lakes and sturdy trees around you with the city skyline at the edge, reminding you where you are.

More to come on New Yolk soon! 

p.s. it's called New "Yolk" cause I have this thing about pronouncing the word "yolk." It comes out like "yoke" but I know if you say it properly it should sound more like "Polk" or "folk" but I can't seem to do it quite right. My tongue feels all twisted and crazy and it feels like I have peanut butter on the roof of my throat... point is, let's call it New Yolk, cause why the ding dang not?