Pi(e) Day

Tomorrow is Pi Day! It's the only time in our lives that we'll get to experience 3.1415.... (March, 14, 2015) In honor of such mathematical perfection, I'm gathering a group of friends to celebrate at our favorite park with delicious pies to fill our bellies.

I didn't get a chance to do any test baking this week or get any yummy pie shots, but I did find some great inspiration while digging for good recipes. Here's a list of some great recipes from some of my favorite food blogs. They're some great last minute ideas for pie:

SmittenKitchen: She's my go-to source for healthy approachable food. Plus, her food always looks delicious and like my grandma made it, but with a modern twist. I really appreciate that she's always improving her recipes and responding to people who follow her too!

Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie. I imagine this tastes a bit like a giant chocolate chip oatmeal cookie.

Smitten Kitchen - Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie
Key Lime Pie. Bright and refreshing classic for these warm early spring days.

Smitten Kitchen - Key Lime Pie

PinchofYum: She's figured out a way to make blogging her career - and she shares how she does it. Her stuff always seems easy and comforting.

Zucchini and Sweet Corn Pie. A savory pie with plenty of cheese to make the whole veggie part seem like it's not too healthy to not be a pie ;)
Pinch of Yum - Zucchini and Sweet Corn Pie

BonAppetit: My favorite food publication, BonAppetit makes my mouth water. They've got great recipes, tips, and restaurants to try.

Crack Pie. It's inspired by Momofuku Milk Bar. I want to dine there one day. Plus, it sounds naughty. I have a feeling it is.

Bon Appetit - Crack Pie

Vegetable Shepherd's Pie. Can't forget a classic savory pie like this. I love this version with lentils.

Bon Appetit - Vegetable Shepherd's Pie

Two Red Bowls: This gal has some of the best food photos. Everything looks so artisan and edgy and arranged so well. She just makes food look darn stinkin good.

+ Miniature Cheese Pies. Sounds like a tasty breakfast awaits!

Two Red Bowls - Mini Cheese Pies

Fix Feast Flair: Just started following her posts, but they always seem to be these intricate pieces of edible art. She also includes nice stories about her life to go along with each recipe, which is the style of blog I'm aiming for! Also she has a wiener dog named Vienna. Get it? Vienna sausage? Cute.

+ Easy as Rose Apple Pie. Um, do you see this thing? It should be framed and we should all bow to it. Plus, she's got some Talenti ice cream to go with is. This woman knows the way to my heart.

Fix Feast Flair - Apple Pie

I've done my research and think I know what pies I'll be making for tomorrow's Pie Picnic in the Park! Stay tuned for yummy recipes and cute pics. In the meantime, here's a few tips I found for baking pies that might help.

Tricks for the best pie crust:

1. Use COLD butter
2. Use your hands for flakiest crust
3. Add egg wash to the crust before baking to get that glossy browned look

Tip for fruit pies:

If you have time, toss the prepared fruit with sugar and other filling ingredients and let the fruit sit overnight so the juices are extracted. Before baking the next day, pour off the juice that's been pulled out by the sugar and and reduce it on the stove until it thickens. Then you can add that to your fruit filling so your pie doesn't come out too watery and the sweetness from the fruit has a sticky and intense flavor!

IT's ALMOST Pi(e) DAY!!! (If you wanna nerd out, they've got shirts.)