International Women's Day

When I was younger, I had this thing about covering my ski helmet with stickers and decals. I was particular about which stickers I chose. They had to look cool, but they also had to represent who I was. I had one from Valentine's Day that said "Vail Loves You!" and another of a grinning bear. But my favorite sticker was one on the back of my helmet that read: "I ski like a girl." Then in fine print: "You got a problem with that?" I was so proud of it. It made me giddy when people would read the sticker aloud and shout "You go girl!" I felt empowered and capable and I honestly think that it made me a more confident skier. That sticker stands out as one of my earliest memories of being proud to be a girl and feeling abso-stinkin-lutely confident in my ability to do whatever I wanted to do.

Today was a reminder that every day should be an "I ski like a girl" sticker moment. We should always be celebrating our accomplishments and the women and the achievements that have been made to fight for women's equality. Women are so powerful, so thoughtful, and so important that it's a shame that we haven't managed to make things right and balance the world around us. I'm privileged to have been born in a place and a time where I'm able to make my own decisions, choose my own path, and look to so many women as role models. 

This International Women's Day I didn't march, I didn't protest. But today, I thought about the women in my life that make me the person that I've become. I thought about the women that taught me to speak up, to be bold, to be honest, and to be myself. I'm so lucky to have women in my life that give me different perspectives, that give me confidence, that make me laugh when I need it. Today is also about celebrating ourselves and looking at what we've accomplished and how we can continue to support ourselves and one another in everything we do.

I'm so appreciative of the women that raised me, that grew up with me, and those that I've been fortunate enough to meet along the way. Below are some of the important women in my life. My number one is my mother. She the reason I'm the woman I am today. I'm also so thankful for my father for always encouraging my mom and me to be independent and confident women and supporting us in whatever we do.  Today is also about him and the other men in the world that support women's equal rights. To everyone out there: "Make it happen"