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I like writing. It's freeing to sit down and think of all the little stories I've heard or the places I want to share. It's a fun way to just tell the tales you want to tell to the people you care about, or the strangers that want to have a listen. I also happen to like new challenges and adventures. But when one of my favorite online publications announced they were looking for freelance writers in Los Angeles, I hesitated. I was nervous! I mean, what if they didn't like my writing? But then I was reminded of the quote we've got on a poster by Mark Twain:
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.

So I took the advice of Mr. Twain and sat down and wrote a few story ideas and pitched myself! One of the ideas I pitched was the opening of the Hollyhock House. Chris and I have been visiting Barnsdall Art Park for a while now and it's our favorite place to have a picnic, do some doodling, and watch the sunset. The Hollyhock House had been closed to the public for years, but had announced its plans to reopen. Lucky for me, The Bold Italic decided to pick up my story and agreed to publish my piece about the opening. I went through a few drafts, but settled on a short piece I was pretty proud of. It's nothing to brag about, but it's pretty exciting to see my name on an article so many peoples eye balls get to see!

If ya wanna read it, it's right here!!!

Before getting published, I reached out to the Barnsdall Art Park's media contact to get some press images to include in the article. My email and article earned me a ticket to the ribbon cutting ceremony.  I heard speeches by Mayor Garcetti, a few council members, the granddaughter of Aline Barnsdall, and a the team that took years restoring the beloved home. It was a pretty special afternoon.

I felt like hot stuff (kinda). It was just cool to be a youngin with my camera in hand, waltzing into the house for a tour along with the rest of "the press."

Here's shots from inside the newly restored Hollyhock House. If you haven't been, I definitely recommend going to the Barnsdall Art Park, bringing a baguette, some tasty cheese, a little bubbly, and your shades, and checking out the iconic home. It's this perfect oasis on a hill where you can take friends or family to relax. Plus, it never seems to be busy. Yet with the opening of the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright house, I have a feeling our secret picnic spot might be a bit more busy from now on.


  1. Barnsdall art park is one of my favorite spots. It certainly is one of LA's hidden gems.


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