Tea Party Frittatas + Princess Cake

Is a cupcake just a miniature cake? Or a roll just a baby loaf of bread? I'm not sure of the genealogy of these sorts of food things, but the people who invented personal-sized foods were evil geniuses. Think of a world without cupcakes, pizza by the slice, rice balls, and butter rolls. Pretty dreary if you ask me. These smaller versions of bigger foods make us smile for a reason. I think it's cause they deliver that satisfying taste all in one smaller package. Plus, they're kind of cute.

In honor of personalized foods, we made mini frittatas for a birthday tea party. I think it's a rule to have tiny food at tea parties anyways...

Besides our little eggie frittatas, we got to munch on other tasty treats too, including princess cake. WHAT'S PRINCESS CAKE?! Princess cake is a Swedish dessert made for only the prettiest of princesses, filled with fluffy cream, spongy cake, sweet raspberry drizzle, and covered in a smooth layer of pastel-colored marzipan. *if you're observant, you'll notice the cakes in both pictures are different. This is not a mistake. We had two princess cakes in a two-day birthday celebration period. Naturally.* All I can say is the birthday girl, Dorothy, was happy with all her tasty treats.


To make the personalized tasty tea treat, I've got a few secrets. As a general rule of thumb, if you know you're going to roast veggies, use a mixing bowl. Rather than chop, add to your roasting pan, drizzle with oil, and then season, if you place all of your veggies in a mixing bowl, coat with oil, and toss you get an even result. Cause no one wants one saturated oily squash and another dry wrinkly pepper in their meal. This method also helps you clear your cutting board as you go! Check out the recipe below:


Tea Party Frittatas

What you need:

Useful kitchen tools
   cupcake molds
   aluminum foil (Aussie friends say "ah-loo-min-ee-um")

For the frittatas
   1 red pepper
   1/2 red onion
   1 zucchini
   1 squash
   10 eggs
   1/2 cup milk
   1/4 cup shredded parmesan
   healthy glug olive oil
   a few shakes salt
   a few cranks pepper
   a dash herbs de provence

Dice all your veggies into small pieces and add to mixing bowl. Add a healthy glug of olive oil to the veggies and season with salt, pepper, and herbs de provence. Shake the bowl so it tosses your veggies and coats them with seasonings and place in an even layer on a baking sheet. (I lined mine with foil for easy cleanup). Place in the oven on broil for 5-10 minutes and keep an eye on them. Remove from oven and stir to keep from burning. 

While veggies are roasting, crack 10 eggs into a bowl and add milk, salt, pepper, and parmesan. Whisk this mixture to get all the yolks broken and try and get it a little fluffy by whipping your whisk. *cue dancing involving shaking your booty* 

When veggies are softened and browned, remove from oven and place an even amount in each cupcake mold. Pour egg mixture into the molds and fill about 3/4 of the way. (Or if you're like us, you fill them to the top and they poof over!) Add any remaining veggies to the top for some color along with remaining parmesan if you've got it to make it look pretty. 

Bake in the oven for approximately 20 minutes until the frittatas pop up and tops are lightly golden brown. Remove and let cool before eating. Note that they do lose their big poofiness when they cool off, but they should still be light and fluffy when you eat them. Serve on a delicate plate along with your favorite teas, mimosas, macarons, and shortbreads for a delicious tea time party!