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Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Sides

Challenging myself to write this post in the next 11 minutes. Otherwise I obsess and try and make it perfect. Ready, go!

I've heard from a few friends and coworkers that they're hosting their Thanksgiving this year and are worried about what to make. They want to do something easy but a crowd-pleaser but healthy and that seems like too much to ask, especially when there could be kids (or picky adults) to deal with. Never fear! I've got a few quick recipes that are our go-to's for my favorite holiday.

P.S. It's one of our favorite things to wander the neighborhood and see what's naturally growing and take advantage of free herbs and fruits and veg. We happened have this abandoned lot down the street with tons of fresh rosemary growing like weeds. So we thought we'd do them a favor and use some with our sweet potatoes.

Garlic Green Beans
green beans
3 cloves of garlic
soy sauce
vegetable oil

1. Cut ends off of washed green beans and pat dry.
2. Get a w…

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