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The Easiest Crispiest Focaccia

I recently went to Miracle Plum's cookbook club and brought this cute plate of focaccia as one of my contributions. I went to meet up with a new friend who told me the theme was centered around Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. As I mentioned in an Instagram post during International Women's Week, I'm mildly obsessed with Samin. I mean, look at her in this cute focaccia-making video with Brad from Bon Appetit! She's all smiles and is so forgiving as long as you salt and oil your focaccia generously.

Back to the cookbook club focaccia.... I'd really been craving focaccia and knew Samin had a recipe for it. I leafed through my copy of SFAH and couldn't for the life of me find that darn recipe. I didn't understand why it wasn't in the book, but was dead set on making it, so I used my own recipe (sans her salt water brine and overnight rise technique).

When I showed up at Miracle Plum I heard a few folks whisper "oh, someone made the focaccia" to which I fe…

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