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A new thing every week & announcing Berkeley-based cooking workshops

In 2018, I started to realize that I'm officially in the second half of my 20's. Spooky. I also started to realize that there were a number of things that I kept saying I wanted to try one day or learn to do one day. That one day never really happened.  I've been saying for years "I wish I could be eating off my own plate right now," so rather than pushing things off any longer, I chose to start with ceramics and sign up for a 6-week ceramics class. I was finally going to learn to make my own stoneware!

I knew I'd emerge from the class with a few things (I'd hoped) that were usable in the kitchen that would add a homemade touch and personality our (mostly IKEA) serving dishes and bowls. But I didn't expect the added pleasure of taking the time to de-stress from work, use my hands in a different way, and see something that I've been wanting to make happen actually happen. It was a huge eye opener for me that the 'one day' I'd always pus…

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